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In a provincial Iranian town, the children work hard to support their families. One day nine-year-old Yahya and his friend Leyla find a precious statue. Sharing a passion for cinema, Yahya’s boss Nasser Khan (Reza Naji) decides to help them find the owner.

Director/Writer: Hassan Nazer                                            Producers: Nadira Murray, Paul Welsh
Executive Producer: Jennifer Armitage [Screen Scotland]
Line Producer: Mohsen Mosaferchi
Cinematographer: Arash Seyfie                                                Editor: Dave Arthur, Hassan Nazer, Reza Jouze                    Composer: Mohammad Saeed Shayan & Mohsen Amini                Cast: Reza Naji, Hosein Abedini, Parsa Maghami, Heliya Mohammadi, Malalai Zikria.                                                        Art Work / Poster by: Jen Davies

since 1981

A Feature Film

Baes on true events, 90 min Hindi Art-House Feature Film directed by Hassan Nazer in India, 2018.


A childless couple want to adopt the sweet seven year old Krishna who sells peanuts in the streets. But for Krishna the most important thing is to make money to find her lost mother. When a couple offer to adopt Krishna in exchange for finding her real mother, fate might have a different path for Krishna.  

Creative Producer (on set) : Nadira Murray
Director (on set): Hassan Nazer
Writer and Producer: Priyarajan Sahoo.                      Cinematographer: Arash Seifi.                                                   Cast: Aishwarya Mishra, Mohammad Babulu, Priyaranjan Sahoo

Post Production Producer: Priyarajan Sahoo (Golden Triangle, India) 

since 1981

STuK (2019)
Award-Winning Short Film

No dialogues, based on a concept of hyperrealism, this 8 min experimental film explores anxiety of self-discovering in coming of age, and stress from fear.


Teen Angela escapes to the bathroom of a nigth club to refresh herself away from the crowd.  She fears for her life when she hears ‘gun shots’ and ‘crowd screams’ ; or is her anxiety playing tricks?

Writer/Director: Nadira Murray
Producers: Matt William, Nadira Murray
Cinematographer: Alex Bokhari
Editor: Matt Williams
Cast: Ash Hogg, Sarah Schlesinger, Kari Hall


  • 10th Paris Art and Movie Awards, France – Nominated for the Best Visual Arts in Motion/Experimental, 2020
  • 23rd Brooklyn Film Festival, 2020 [CANADIAN SCREEN AWARDS QUALIFIED].
  • 6th International New York Short Film Festival.
  • 18th London Independent Film Festival – 2020 – WINNER BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT.
  • 6th San Antonio Independent Film Festival, Equador – 2020.
  •  24th LAShorts International Film Festival – 2019 [OSCAR & BAFTA qualified].
  • 4th Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival – 2019 – AWARD WINNER – BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT .
since 1981

LOCKED IN (2017)
Award-Winning Short Film


The journey of a couple: their arrest and time in a detention centre waiting for an uncertain future. Inside British cell, their trauma from the past incarceration in their home country foreshadows the hardships they may expect if sent back. With the clock ticking, where does their future lie?

Producer/Wrter/Co-Director: Nadira Murray
Director: Pavel Shepan   
DOP: Steve Cardno
Editor: Rebecca Lloyd     
ast: Esztella Levko, Uriel Emil


  • Aesthetica, Short Film Festival, UK, 2018 [BAFTA & OSCAR qualified Festival]
  • 34th IINTERFILM International Short Film Festival, Berlin 2018 [BAFTA & OSCAR qualified Festival]
  • 21st LA Shorts International Film Festival, Hollywood, 2017 [BAFTA & OSCAR qualified Festival]
  • 23rd Sacramento International Film Festival, USA 2018
  • Nepal Human Rights International Film Festival, 2018
  • Rajasthan International Film Festival, India, 2018 WINNER Best International Short Film; Best Director For International Short Film
  • Blueprint Official Selection, in Association Glasgow Short Film Festival, 2018
  • ISFFB (International Short Film Festival Bengaluru) WINNER International Top 1
  • London Independent Film Awards, 2017 Grand Jury Award Best Short Film.
  • Euro Shorts International Film Festival, UK 2017
  • Montaż Film Festiwal, Poland, 2017
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