Sylph Productions is a young film company based in Edinburgh, Scotland with the aim of connecting the east and west through audiovisual experience.  Sylph has already produced a number of films that travelled across the world and took part at OSCAR & BAFTA qualified film festivals.

We intend to develop from original ideas, books and scripted stories to promote new and ethnically diverse voices as well as to tie cultures together through artistic interpretation. We are a passion and energy-driven company with access to raise finance and delivering high concept films with high production values. 



Award-Winning Experimental Short
Art Work by Jen Davies
Completed In Association with Screen Scotland
Award-Winning Socio-Political Short Film
Hindi Art-House Feature Film
Feature Film in DEVELOPMENT. [NOTE: temporary moodboard] WALKMAN - a thriller/drama about survival, suspicion and hope amongst a group of refugees on a dinghy lost at sea, who slowly turn against each other, in order to survive they must reach the shore.
Mini TV Series, at an early developement stage. "Waxing. And Afghanistan" (working title) is a smart, timely, and character driven comedy, about divorced 33 year old Leyli going through a career change crisis from being a beautician to be in front of the camera.
TV series in early DEVELOPMENT. Based on the book SIKUNDER BURNES, the true story of Alexander Burnes who left his home in Scotland at the age of 16 to join the East India company, eventually sent in disguise to spy on Central Asia, 1830’. The story about love, war, respect for other cultures and making peace.

Who Are We?

The Founder of Sylph Productions Ltd NADIRA MURRAY, a Scotland based Producer with a creative and analytical mind. Nadira graduated from Media Business School, Spain in 2014. After graduating Nadira did her internship with the UK’s PeaPie company on Ali & Nino, directed by Asif Kapadia and worked on Baku, I Love You alongside Producer / Director Egor Andreevich Mikhalkov-Konchalovskiy, in Azerbaijan.

After gaining enough experience creatively and practicality she independently wrote, directed and produced several festival shorts and two feature films.

Nadira has been an active networker, and pursued many different opportunities to develop her skill through workshops.  She also completed SFTN’s New Talent Short Film Development Programme, as a Producer, and took part at Writer’s Lab (Scottish Film Talent Network). She participated at the ROTTERDAM LAB 2021 as a Producer, and as well at mentored by FOCUS (Film City Futures, Creative Scotland) at BOOTCAMP Business Developement and Scripted Labs.

Nadira comes from an artistic family of a theatre background in Uzbekistan, grew up in the Soviet period, playing roles alongside her actor and director parents. From 2004, after arriving to the UK, she trained at Drama Studio London MA, and worked as an Actress in  theatres and film productions before finding her passion lay behind the camera. 

HASSAN NAZER is a founder of Wolrd Film Production and an award winning British film director of Iranian origin, based in Scotland.

He comes from a theatre background: he was a child actor in Iran and from age 12 Hassan was involved in directing on the theatre stage and short films. He studied at the Art University in Tehran.

To develop his career further Hassan went to UK at the age of 19 to study Film directing in Scotland, UK. 

Hassan’s feature films were released in Iran and Internationally, they are: BLACK DAY, HERE IRAN, UTOPIA, THE CHECK POST, WINNERS mostly collaborations between UK and Iran, as well as India.

Hassan has been a Jury Member at the most prestigious internationally known festivals in India. He is an official member of the Producers guild of Iran, Authorised by Ministry.

Nisha Jose, the Production Assistant & Marketing Executive of Sylph Productions Ltd is a Film Marketer and Film Festival Organiser with years of experience.

She had worked as the manager of All Lights Film Services (ALFS), a renowned institution dealing with submission of Indian movies to international film festivals and awards, under the aegis of Indywood Entertainment Consortium LLP, India. She marked her presence in the film circle for her efforts to promote Indian Cinema in the global film circuit. She also had handled a dual responsibility of Chief Organizer and Artistic Director of All Lights India International Film Festival from 2015 t0 2018. Since 2011, she had been actively involved in submitting 21 movies from India to the Oscar’s Eligibility Shortlist through the International Movie Marketing Team of All Lights Film Services.

Nisha Jose had also worked in the international marketing and promotion of movie projects like Dam 999, Saint Dracula 3D etc. She is also credited for her contributions in content, promotion and marketing of All Lights Film Magazine. She has been a jury at many International Film Festivals too.


Best International Short Film
Best International Short
WINNER of Best Short Film

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